A message from Epic Global Ltd’s CEO:

Hello and a very warm welcome to our website.

Please take your time browsing and studying it, which aims to familiarise you with EGL, its excellent project management skills, offering end to end solutions in all types of property maintenance, refurbishment and adaptation projects as well as general building contracts. All of this goes hand in hand in conjunction with our commitment to principles of “Good Practice”; ethical attitude to working; environmental consideration; adherence to community spirit; respecting diversity and delivering value for money for our clients.

We pride ourselves on our high quality of workmanship, and endeavour to reflect this on all of our projects to our commercial, public and private sectors clients. The high standards that our customers have come to expect, is achieved by employing teams of trained people with good communication skills, all under our direct control.

When choosing Epic Global Ltd to manage your development projects you can be rest assured that you will receive a first class service, a quality of work that is unparalleled, and that the extensive knowledge, skills and expertise we possess will ensure outstanding results for you. It’s this commitment to your satisfaction on the one hand and the belief and confidence in our own ability that allows us to guarantee our work for 10 years, in line with all leading industry practitioners.

Take a look at what we can offer to see if we can help you in any way. We welcome all enquiries, even if your project is just at the ideas stage. We’re happy to talk things through, just give us a call or drop us an email.

The Principles of “Good Practice” 

Epic Global Ltd (EGL) adheres to these principles in all disciplines, whether it be technical; administrative; human resources; environmental or community related issues.

We believe this stems from our people-focused organisational set-up, rather then being a profit-driven entity.

We take these beliefs to our clients, so that, they can also benefit from these considerations in order to achieve harmony with their own end-users and customers.

One of our fields of expertise is disabled people’s modification requirements. This is a particularly important service where end-users’ quality of life may depend on the quality of work carried out on their premises and residential. This makes it more important than ever to liaise with these end users. EGL will go the extra mile to ensure they feel listened to and cared for.

EGL Commitment

At EGL, we endeavour to practice the best system and technical know-how which all help to achieve one goal: End User Satisfaction.

These ‘End Users’ can be either our own direct clients and project owners or they can be people who will indirectly receive the end-product through our clients; e.g. Local Authority Tenants, Care Home Residents, as well as any other type of clients.

We believe the principle of End User Satisfaction make us different to other providers of similar contracts services. Because at every step we take care of our clients’ clients, we make sure our clients enjoy a friendly, happy and complaint-free relationship with theirs, downstream.

It is our firm belief that not only this leads to mutual respect between our clients and their clients, but also, this way, our clients will avoid extra expenses in admin costs to deal with complaints as well as any costs involved in necessary modifications to ultimately achieve customer satisfaction.

EGL Employment Policy

All EGL employees and contractors are processed to ensure their competence, capability, sensitivity and curtesy levels meet with our high standards.

Any points and/or suggestions from clients are dealt with deserved attention, and acted upon.

All EGL employees and contractors are instructed and trained to observe and respect clients’ cultural, social and other needs.

EGL’s own employment policy can be summed up in two words: “No Prejudice!” based on this; not only we recruit people from all backgrounds, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, etc., we actively encourage our employees to familiarise themselves with clients in the same manner. As our name suggests we have a global outlook.

All our immediate employees are also encouraged to talk to us about any issues they need help with, in order to provide them with the best possible work environment. EGL believes company employees’ well-being, self-betterment efforts and aspirations are good for business. As such, the company offers an open door policy to the management team. Furthermore, we believe our happy employees reflect their own work-environment satisfaction in their dealings with clients.

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